KN95 FFP2 Face Mask Surgical Disposable Mouth Cover Face Masks (1 Set=5pcs)


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KN95 is a standard for respiratory equipment which filters 95% of particulates greater than 0.3 microns. KN95 masks are a PPE. They offer significant protection over standard surgical blue 3 ply masks.


One Set of KN95 = 5pcs –  for £29.99 – BARGAIN!


  • Filtering Performance: 95% @ 0.3 Micron or greater.
  • Premium Quality Grade Face Masks, safe, soft and comfortable
  • KN95 masks disposable, sanitary and convenient use
  • Respirator Face Mask Disposable Grade (single mask per order).



Care and use of face masks. Please read

Change the mask immediately if dirty, contaminated or wet. Please exercise social distancing whilst you are wearing any mask. Wash your hands at regular intervals and always before fitting or removing the mask. When removing your mask do not touch the front of the mask but use the ear loops. Store any mask that is in use separately and keep well away from any clean masks. This is a disposable mask and is not washable.

Note: Due to health reasons we do not accept returns for this item.


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